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Take your home assistant dashboard to the next level, dashboards are fundamental to the ease of use and experience of using our smart home. it need to be intuitive, easy to use for our family and guests. I'd advise to build different dashboards for each category of device. One for desktop, tablet and dashboard.

You can also add a wall mount in your home and use a tablet in full kiosk mode. 

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Dashboard Basics

  • 3

    Home Assistant Cards

    • Alarm Panel

    • Button

    • Entities

    • Glance

    • Light

    • Markdown

    • Media Control

    • Picture Entity

    • Picture Glance

    • Sensor

    • Shopping List

    • Thermostat

    • Weather Forecast

  • 4

    Design Great Dashboards

    • Using YAML to speed up your dashboard creation

    • Grid Cards

    • Conditional Cards

    • Linking pages together

  • 5

    Custom Cards

    • Visual studio add on

    • Home assistant community store (HACS)

    • Custom button card

    • Mini media player

    • Mini graph card

    • Surveillance card

    • State Switch

  • 6

    Kiosk Mode

    • Which tablet to buy

    • Install Fully Kiosk Browser on Fire Tablet

    • Fully Kiosk Settings

    • Wall Mounts

    • Fully Kiosk Licence

  • 7


    • What is a theme

    • Add a theme to home assistant dashboard

  • 8

    Ad Free YouTube Videos

    • You need to Start using this Home Assistant CARD! RIGHT NOW!

    • SIMPLE Dashboard REDESIGN with Home Assistant & Mushroom Cards

    • Dynamic Backgrounds

About me

Gio Langella

I'm Gio! I run a YouTube channel called Smart Home Makers and run a blog too. I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for smart home tech. I have been living in a smart home for about 5 years. At one point I had more than 20 Smart Apps on my phone, I since decided to control my smart home with Home Assistant and help people learn this powerful platform. When I was getting started with Home Assistant I struggled to get everything working, but now I feel the need to pass on this knowledge and get more and more people using Home Assistant as their home automation platform.

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  • What do I need to have before starting?

    I'm assuming that you have home assistant up and running, if you have followed the course Build a smart home or the free home assistant starter course, you should be in a good place to start.

  • When will the course be released?

    I'm expecting to release the course in May 2021

  • Is this a lifetime course?

    Yes, you are enrolled for life or as long as you have your membership active. After the course is complete I will be reviewing it once a quarter to add / amend content.

  • How is this different from Building a Smart Home with Home assistant?

    In building a smart home with home assistant, I go through the steps necessary to plan, install configure and add devices into home assistant. I also show how I created my dashboard and my automations. In this course "Dashboards with home assistant" I teach you in more depth how to build your own dashboard!