Why build a Plex media server?

Enjoy all of your high quality media, DVDs, Blurays on all of your devices like smartphone, tablet, pc or the big screen TV.

  • What do you need to get Plex working

  • How to add media to your library

  • Live DVR (Record from TV)

How I use Plex

My setup

I have been using Plex for over 5 years, it runs on my Qnap NAS TS251 which was purchased back in 2017! Mainly I consume movies and TV shows that I ripped to my NAS, I don't encode with Handbrake just simply copy & paste. I use Apple TV in my living room as a Plex client and a LG TV. I also use the Plex app on Mac, my iPad and iPhone.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome from Gio

  • 2

    Why create your own media player

    • Physical vs Digital Media

    • How Plex works?

    • What do I need & How much would it cost?

  • 3

    Ripping DVDs & Blurays

    • The hardware

    • Make MKV

    • Metadata

  • 4


    • Installation Plex Server

    • Plex Clients

    • Configuration & Settings

    • Plex Lifetime pass

    • Plex DVR


Gio Langella

I'm Gio! I run a YouTube channel called Smart Home Makers and run a blog too. I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for smart home tech. I have been living in a smart home for about 5 years. At one point I had more than 20 Smart Apps on my phone, I since decided to control my smart home with Home Assistant and help people learn this powerful platform. When I was getting started with Home Assistant I struggled to get everything working, but now I feel the need to pass on this knowledge and get more and more people using Home Assistant as their home automation platform.

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Testimonial title

by Robin De Becker

Hello Everyone, My name is Robin and I happily share you my testimonial of the course "How to build a smart home" from Gio of Smart Home Makers. It was September 2020 when I took my first steps with Home Assistant. First it was just a tool to collect information of all my smart home products, but later on it evolved into a full home automation platform. At that time, I discovered the YouTube channel of Gio from Smart Home Makers, which has helped me out a lot. Gio was also always willing to provide feedback in the comments and via Discord. When he informed me that he was creating courses to build a smart home, I immediately subscribed to them. Although I already had a decent Home Assistant platform running, I have learned a lot of tips and tricks to facilitate the setup and maintenance of it. The courses were also a great source of inspiration to set up new automations. These courses are not only designed for people new to Home Assistant, but also people who are already running a home automation platform. The people new to Home Assistant receive a broader view of the possibilities of Home Assistant and will also receive the necessary guiding to have a full Home Assistant platform up and running. For the people already running a home automation platform, there are always new tricks to learn and they inspire to get more out of your home automation platform. Furthermore, the courses show that running a home automation platform does not necessarily has to be expensive. Not only is Home Assistant an open source project, most people already own some products that can be integrated in Home Assistant. Even if you own only a small collection of smart home products, the course provides you with feedback of how you can easily make products smart for a small price and also communicates some integrations that do not require any hardware. Finally, I can only advice you to follow Smart Home Makers on YouTube if you are still doubting to subscribe for the courses. The YouTube channel will give a brief overview of what the courses are like. A great addition to the courses is that there is more support for all subjects discussed in the courses and the YouTube channel. I hope this testimonial gives you a clear view of what to expect of the courses. Kind regards, Robin